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I'll just leave this here

Apparently Jon Stewart and I have the same style of humor...according to this quiz written by some random person on the internet. *grins*

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Tonight when asked by CNN's Ed Henry why it took him a couple of days to express outrage over the AIG bonuses, President Obama delivered the following response:


(Maybe he's been taking "anger lessons" from Rahm after all?)

Apologies to anyone on my friend's list if you've already seen this. <3

you are the baby in the barn.

Nicholas Hughes, Sylvia Plath’s son commits suicide - Times Online

This is such sad news, wrought with such bitter irony. I've been a huge fan of Sylvia Plath for over ten years; I even wrote a play about the last days of her life for my senior creative writing class in high school. Such a shame that depression runs in the family. I know that her daughter, Frieda, has been treated for depression as well...hopefully she'll be all right.

In honor of Nicholas Hughes and Sylvia Plath, here's Sylvia's poem about her infant son from her Pulizer Prize winning collection Ariel:

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Tonight I finally watched the movie Milk with my aunt...and it was absolutely amazing. I can't even really express how what a well-done film it is and how much it affected me emotionally. One of the many great things about it was the love story and friendship between Harvey Milk and Scott Smith (the James Franco character), which was portrayed with such intimacy and affection. Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black definitely deserved the Oscars they won (for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay, respectively) this year. I know it sounds cheesy as hell, but the movie honestly made me feel proud to be queer and a part of the GLBT community.

As tragic as Harvey Milk's story is, it's also so uplifting and very, very timely. It was such a huge step forward when he became the first openly gay man to be elected to California public office in 1977. (Or, as Time magazine much more accurately put it, "the first openly gay man elected to any substantial political office in the history of the planet.") He ran several times before he was finally elected, but when it happened it was such an achievement, brought on by the hard work and determination of him and the rest of San Fransisco's GLBT community. The scene in the film where he and his supporters were celebrating after his election reminded me of the elation that so many people felt when Barack Obama was elected President. And the movie also reminded me that as bad as things were for the GLBT community in the 1970s, with the incidents of street violence and police brutality that were so prevalent then, we still have a long way to go. In many ways things have gotten much better, but we're still fighting Proposition 8 just as people then were fighting Proposition 6 which banned gays and lesbians from teaching in CA's public schools. And I think it's so amazing that a gay rights activist who was killed over thirty years ago is still inspiring people. In his own words, "If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door."

You can also watch a fantastic documentary called The Times of Harvey Milk at Hulu; I definitely recommend watching that as well as the biopic.
I was feeling kind of irritable at work today, but then I came home and saw THIS:

cute pictures of puppies with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

...and now I'm soooo much better. I honestly don't know how anyone can feel bad while looking at that picture. Now, where can I get one?!


BBC NEWS | UK | Shakespeare's first theatre found

Archaeologists believe they have unearthed the remains of Shakespeare's first theatre, the BBC has learned.

It predates The Globe.

This is why I want to be an archaeologist. God, to make a discovery like this that would combine my love for literature with my love for archaeology/history...I can't even imagine.

U2 360° Tour

U2 tour dates were announced, and they're playing in Chicago, IL on my 26th birthday.

They're also playing in NYC two weeks later.

*starts plotting*

ETA: A lot of my LJ friends are getting tickets to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report right now. Which makes me think that maybe -- and I know this is waaaaay stretching it -- I should try to get tickets to see U2 in NYC and try to see TDS and/or TCR at the same time? Lolz, I know, YEAH RIGHT. Even if it worked out, I'd be soooo broke afterward. But surely a girl can dream, can't she? (Plus, last summer I thought it was stretching it to think I could travel to Washington DC to see Nick Cave -- and look what happened there.)

ETA #2: Exactly ONE MONTH until Erika and I see David Sedaris in Durham!!
I've discovered that Loreena McKennitt is the perfect musician to listen to while you're writing an archaeology paper. I put on her most recent album, An Ancient Muse (which I bought only a few weeks ago), and lit some candles and incense, and it puts you in just the right kind of mood to research ancient sites in England where Mesolithic peoples once hunted. Who knew. Thanks, Loreena!

Feb. 26th, 2009

HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS: The White House Internship Program is accepting applications. And since I graduated college in the last two years, I'm eligible.

In addition to normal office duties, interns will supplement their learning experience by attending a weekly lecture series hosted by senior White House staff, help at White House social events, and volunteer in community service projects.

Dare I apply?! I'm thinking of doing it just for giggles, to see if I get in, but if I were actually accepted... *faints* Not that I know how I would work out moving to Washington DC and getting a place there. But then, I also have friends and family living in the area, so it's feasible...

It might also interrupt my plans in terms of archaeology. But God...this could be such an amazing opportunity.


ETA: Nevermind, you guys, the internship would be happening when I'd be in the field school for achaeology (provided I get accepted into that). So it's probably not gonna happen. Oh well, a girl can still daydream about attending a lecture series hosted by Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, and helping coordinate President Obama's travels.

Dammit, I have too many different passions/interests! It's so hard to choose! Although someone at rahmbamarama has tempted me by suggesting, "Apply for both and if one falls through then do the other?"


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